Lessive detergent pour culotte menstruelle
Lessive detergent avec culotte menstruelle
Lessive detergent Bio pour culotte menstruelle
femme qui nettoie ses culottes menstruelles avec détergent adapté

Detergent for menstrual undies

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  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Deep clean blood stains
  • The packaging is 100% compostable
Our soap lets you thoroughly and effortlessly clean your undies.
Sanitized thanks to natural and super-powerful active ingredients, your undies will come out clean and fresh.
12 capsules = 4 to 6 months of laundry / 24 capsules = 9 to 12 months of laundry.

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Soak for 15 minutes in cold water or rinse under cold tap water and wring out gently to extract blood.
Repeat if necessary, until the water becomes clear.

Pre-wash (optional): 

Dissolve one of Mme L’Ovary’s special laundry capsules in a sink or bucket full of warm water, and let your items soak for 15 minutes.


By machine or by hand (with cold or lukewarm water). Use a biodegradable mild soap.


Dry flat or hang outside. Avoid the dryer as much as possible, but you can use it for about 15-20 minutes at low temperatures to make sure everything is dry.

Share (optional):

Dig a hole in the ground and pour the pre-wash water at the foot of a tree, in your garden, or in your houseplants (dig a hole and cover with soil once your offering has been made).

  • Citric acid 
  • Sodium bicarbonate 
  • Sodium percarbonate 
  • Tea tree essential oil

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Why choose Mme L’Ovary’s laundry capsules?

They’re effective, made from natural ingredients, and environmentally friendly. Our soap erases blood stains and is essential to extend the life of your menstrual undies. They’re easy to use and naturally fit into your laundry routine.

An effective and biodegradable detergent

Just like the soaps we use for our intimate areas, our detergent was carefully designed to be as effective as it is natural. We’ve developed a formula from natural ingredients known and recognized for their many virtues, including tea tree essential oil.

Tea tree’s purifying and antibacterial action is perfect for sanitizing your undies after your period. With our detergent, you can give your undies a deep wash, preserving the health of your most intimate areas and helping you stay clean. You can remove blood stains efficiently and effortlessly while respecting the fabric and delicate textile fibers of your undies.

Your menstrual undies come out fresh after every wash. Cycle after cycle, your undies maintain their high quality.

Our detergent for blood stain is zero waste!

At Mme L’Ovary, we’re committed to preserving our beautiful planet just as we’re committed to helping your private parts stay healthy. That’s why our detergent for blood stains is designed with respect for the environment, with natural ingredients that are 100% biodegradable.

We also use zero waste packaging. Your laundry capsules are delivered to your home with minimalist packaging that’s 100% compostable. A good turn for the environment.

Our detergent is available in two quantities

Whether you're an old fan of our soap or simply looking to give it a try, we've got the quantity to fit your needs!

Already convinced? Opt for the 24-capsule kit. With this kit, you can go through up to 12 cycles of keeping your undies as fresh and clean as when you first bought them!

Just looking to give our capsules a try? Get a kit of 12. We know you’ll be convinced. That amount will get you through 4 to 6 cycles.

Try our soap and you'll fall in love with it! Easy to use, effective, and environmentally friendly, our soap will be there for you throughout your period.

1 underwear, 3 removable pads

The unique concept of Mme L'Ovary menstrual underwear.

No need to change the entire panty to feel dry all day!

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