Femme allongée sur un lit qui porte une culotte menstruelle de nuit.
Menstrual night panties

♡ Good news! Our products are zero-rated in Quebec and Canada thanks to the menstrual products law.

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    Mme L'Ovary's nighttime menstrual panties let you sleep peacefully and comfortably. Mme L'Ovary's high protective layer that is built into the inside of the panties is equivalent to an extra-long absorbent sanitary pad!

    Benefits of Mme L'Ovary's nighttime menstrual panties

    Mme L'Ovary's nighttime menstrual panties have many advantages:

    • Eco-friendly: washable menstrual panties are much more environmentally friendly than disposable sanitary pads. Zero waste, zero pollution.
    • High quality: Mme L'Ovary undies are made of strong and resistant cotton fibre (94% cotton and 6% lycra), which makes them look like new for a very long time.
    • Beautiful and elegant: it's hard not to look good in Mme L'Ovary's panties with different styles and cuts.
    • Comfortable: Non-irritating cotton offers a softness that sanitary pads cannot provide.
    • Reliable: no more leaks! Absorption is higher at the front and back to avoid leakage. Complete protection!
    • Practical: L'Ovarys are easy to machine wash or wash by hand.

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    Choose the nighttime menstrual panty model that you prefer or opt for our Basic Kit (our most popular!) which includes 1 nighttime menstrual panty + 2 packs of daytime menstrual panties (including 3 removable pads and a carrier bag).

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