How does your period underwear work?

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Daytime menstrual underwear

1 panty made out of cotton with built-in protection equivalent to a panty liner.

3 removable pads made of absorbent and leak-resistant fabric.

1 small carrier bag with 2 pockets made of leak-resistant fabric, with 2 sections so that you can carry used pads in one section and clean pads in the other.

It's a 3-in-1

Our removable pads fit inside the panties thanks to 2 small pockets in the front and back that ensure that everything stays in place.

The removable pads are changed throughout the day to keep you dry without the need to change your panties.

Optimum Anti-Leak Protection

Absorbent layer / Retention layer / Anti-leak layer.

Each removable pad is equivalent to 1 conventional disposable pad or 1 tampon.

The panties also have integrated protection equivalent to a panty liner.

Together, the panties and pads provide you with protection from light, moderate, and heavy flows.


Simple & Quick Wash

It’s like washing a “normal” panty except that there’s 1 more step: give them a rinse in cold water.

Washing guide
Where should I start?

We suggest you start with our Basic Kit (our most popular!).

Choose a Shorty - Bikini - Nighty combination.

This will allow you to discover our three most popular models and have the minimum necessary for a wash rotation.

Plus, delivery is free!

The difference between

a menstrual underwear from another brand and Mme L'Ovary?

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