Basic kit

For getting started with period underwear

The kit includes

• 2 pairs of daytime undies + 6 removable pads

• 1 pair of nighttime panties with re-enforced protection

• 3 leak-proof carrying bags

How it works

Our advantage

• No need to completely change your underwear throughout the day.

• 3 in 1 period panties

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Real savings

• No need to buy period products every month. The kit lasts years!

• Tax-exempt in Canada

• Rebates off up to 50% offered by some municipalities

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The Basic Kit
Kit de base L&
Kit de base L&
The Basic Kit
Kit de base trio culottes menstruelles 3 filles
The Basic Kit

The Basic Kit

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What’s a menstrual panties kit?

It’s a set of panties + washable menstrual pads that keeps you protected during your cycle, whether it’s heavy or not. 

Enjoy unparalleled adaptability and peace of mind with our period underwear kits.

Menstrual panties kit: Security and comfort

There are many advantages to period underwear. Our menstrual kits offer you optimal safety and comfort, in addition to giving you peace of mind. 

Having several pairs of underwear at your disposal lets you rotate smoothly between washes and swap them out with the different elements of the packages. 

For example, at the start of your cycle, when your flow is heavier, you might use 4 menstrual pads instead of 3. Our panties are also easy to wash at low temperatures.

Discover our menstrual kits

The Basic Kit is perfect for menstruating people who want to discover menstrual panties, have short cycles, and like to do a wash in the middle of their period. It's also a great gift for anyone who wants to move toward zero-waste menstruation. 

The Essential Kit is perfect for people who don't want to deal with a wash in the middle of their cycle. 

The Complete Kit is designed to meet the needs of menstruating people with longer cycles. 

Warning! Our menstrual kits will change your life at least once a month!


L'Ovary's secret

Reduce waste, take care of your body

We chose not to use chemical processes to treat our fabrics.

• Natural fabric

• Made of cotton

• 0 silver nanoparticles

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Recognized for designing the first menstrual panties with removable pads and for our strong educational mission towards women and their health, we offer a variety of eco-friendly products that allow women to experience their period in a healthy and positive way.

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