5 astuces pour offrir des cadeaux écologiques

5 Tips for giving eco-friendly presents

We’ve put together a list of 5 eco-conscious tips you can use while holiday shopping this year. Giving eco-friendly gifts is a great way to be creative and thoughtful to all the people you love and the planet too!

Only good things can come when you intentionally limit waste and shop sustainably. Whether that’s wrapping presents in reusable gift wrap or being mindful about what you’re giving by choosing products that can improve someone’s day-to-day life.

  1. Give useful gifts

Ideally, we want to be giving gifts that don’t add clutter and aren’t merely decorative. We don’t want to be giving people things they’ll probably never use or wear (you know, like that ugly Christmas sweater your grandmother bought you; that thing lives deep in the back of the closet, doesn’t it?). Something like menstrual underwear from Mme L’Ovary, on the other hand, can be a loving and eco-friendly gift that can improve and simplify someone’s day-to-day routine. Every pair says, “Hey, I care about you, and I want you to feel good throughout your cycle.” ♡

girls fire place menstrual underwear

  1. Buy local

Supporting small, local businesses is a great way to invest in your community, contribute to your local economy, and make responsible choices about the environment. Plus, when you shop locally, you get a unique and curated selection of gifts for the people you love!

  1. Encourage businesses that are environmentally engaged

As humanity uses more and more of the Earth’s natural resources, corporations have a responsibility to be more environmentally aware than ever. It’s important to support businesses that focus on sustainable ways to grow while protecting the planet and the resources we have left. You can visit businesses’ websites to learn more about their environmental engagement or send emails to their founders.

  1. Wrap your presents in reusable material

Most gift-wrap is made out of mixed, hard-to-recycle materials and goes straight to landfills. The holidays are a time when the volume of waste we create tends to go up by at least 25%.

One way you can be eco-conscious this holiday season is by using furoshiki to wrap your gifts. With Wrappr, you can give art, not waste. All their wraps are beautifully designed by independent artists all over the world who get a commission off of every sale. Wrappr’s furoshiki wraps are made to be reused as scarves, tops, hair accessories, purses, and whatever else you can think of. Endless love!

furoshiki wraps

  1. Prioritize second-hand or handmade gifts

A personalized handmade gift is a unique way to make someone feel special. After all nothing spells love like time! There are tons of ways to be creative with handmade gifts! You could knit a scarf, make a card, or paint a portrait. Whatever it winds up being, it’ll be completely personalized. And if you’re too busy to get down and dirty, shopping at second-hand stores is another great way of being creative and supporting a circular economy.

We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season, filled with moments of joy, giving back, and showing love to our planet. After all, Mother Earth gave us the gift of the amazingly thin little atmosphere we all need to live!