Plusieurs femmes qui portent des culottes menstruelles.

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United we stand, divided we fall

Sending to a single address: reduces your ecological footprint, makes you part of the change.

To those who believe in our mission, the group order is made for you if...

You want to make sustainable menstrual products more accessible.

By ordering for several people, you reduce your carbon footprint and help the planet!

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They did it!

Groups of friends, NPOs, municipalities… they all placed a group order and are now united by the panty!


La Brouette brings together urban agriculture and eco-citizenship enthusiasts in Mauricie, Canada.

🌱 36,000 discarded protections avoided per year.


Demain Manicouagan is the Residual Materials Management Board in Manicouagan, Canada.

🌱 16,800 discarded protections avoided per year.


A great citizen initiative by Chloé and her group of friends in Rimouski, Canada.

🌱 15,600 discarded protections avoided per year.