Femme qui bois une tisane et porte une protection feminine lavable.
Our Menstrual Underwear

♡ Good news! Our products are zero-rated in Quebec and Canada thanks to the menstrual products law.


    Do you want to make the women in your life happy?

    Encourage them to try an alternative to conventional menstrual products. Our panties and menstrual cups, as well as our removable sanitary pads, are designed for today's needs and lifestyles. Comfortable, practical, and 100% zero waste, this will be an original and much-appreciated eco-friendly gift for the women around you!

    Mme L'Ovary's project was started by young women determined to make a positive impact on the planet and to find an alternative to existing menstrual products that are both toxic and polluting.

    They developed an ecological and innovative solution for menstruation. Discover a whole new range of products to experience your cycle differently. An eco-friendly, efficient, and above all innovative gift choice!