Idée cadeau ecolo femme pour culotte menstruelle

Mme L’Ovary’s Gift Cards


This gift will change a special someone’s life…every single month!

Give someone this present just once, and they’ll thank you (or at least think of you) every month. We guarantee it.
No matter which of your loved ones you give it to, this super-special gift will bring them comfort and well-being.

This year, stuff stockings with
🙌 Presents that are super useful
🥰 Presents that are good for people’s health
🌱 Presents that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and zero waste
👊 Presents that are dedicated to busting taboos
💰 Presents that help people save money every month
Mme L’Ovary’s gift cards do all that and more! ✨

Because it’s not a luxury to be better equipped to live your menstrual cycle in comfort and good health, all while taking care of the environment. 🩸💚

Note: Gift cards and unused balances aren’t refundable.

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