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Bathing while menstruation: myths and advice

Can I bathe without a tampon during my period? Can we put a tampon to go to the pool? Bathing while menstruating remains a taboo subject that raises many questions and still conveys its share of false beliefs today. Enjoying the joys of the sea and the pool is however quite possible during menstruation, and this, with or without protection.

Bathing while menstruation: well-established clichés

bathing during your period

Menstruation is still an embarrassing subject, on which there is not much communication between human beings. No wonder, then, that the issues of menstruation and swimming sometimes remain unclear. Here are our answers to the main myths surrounding bathing while menstruating.

Myth #1: Our menstruation stop in the water

It is likely that you have already heard that your menstruation was paused in contact with water. You may have noticed yourself that your menstrual flow was stopped when you took your bath. However, this is not the case. Menstruation is not paused once in the water. This phenomenon is explained by the pressure of the water, which temporarily and partially slows down the flow of blood. So the menstruation are not really stopped.

Myth #2: The tampon at the pool

To bathe during your period, in the sea or at the pool, it is possible to put a tampon. That being said, we recommend the menstrual cup as an alternative to tampon. Highly recommended for health reasons, it is also and above all reusable! Just like the tampon, the flow will be recovered inside the vagina to prevent leakage. But be careful, if you bathe with a tampon or a menstrual cup, remember to change them regularly for hygiene reasons. The risks of toxic shock and mycoses do not disappear at sea!

Myth #3: You can’t swim with your period without protection

When the flow is not very abundant, at the end of the rules for example, or you swim in the open sea where small leaks are diluted very quickly in the water, bathing without protection is quite possible. Some people also practice free instinctive flow, which consists of releasing and retaining one’s flow in a conscious way. Consider this option if it speaks to you!

Bathing during your period: instructions for use

bathing with your rules without protection

Bathing with your period should never be a source of stress. For a serene menstrual cycle on land or in the open sea, follow these tips.

What type of menstrual protection to choose?

Putting a sanitary towel at the pool is not recommended, because it is no longer your blood that the towel will absorb, but water! The consequence? The towel, once full of water, will no longer be able to hold your flow, leaving leaks in your path.

To bathe during your period without stress, choose instead from these protections:

  • The menstrual cup: reusable, it is perfectly suitable for abundant flows.
  • The tampon: it is imperceptible, but beware of the dangers to your health.
  • The menstrual swimsuit: to bathe during your period without protection.

Remember, a tampon or menstrual cup should be changed regularly, even at the beach!

How to bathe with your menstruation without a tampon?

Bathing during periods without a tampon is possible! Opt for the zero waste solution of the menstrual cup, or trust your body and your feelings by trying to practice the free instinctive flow. You can train first at home, without pressure. Learn to recognize the days when your flow is most abundant and the days when bathing while menstruating is quite possible.

Finally, if you do not feel it, patience is required. The important thing is to listen well, and to get started once ready! Start gradually with short swims and then gain self-confidence. Do not be afraid of leaks, the blood of menstruation is not dirty and having your period is not shameful. Free yourself from your fears and rediscover the joy of bathing while preserving the environment… if and only if you feel like it!