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Exercising on your period: Myths and realities

Do sports and menstruation go hand in hand? Contrary to popular belief, they absolutely do! Engaging in physical activity while you’re on your period is actually highly recommended, even if you’re experiencing menstrual pain. Why? Because exercising on your period helps relieve menstrual cramps. All you have to do is pick a sport you’ll enjoy playing when it’s your time of the month.

Working out on your period: Persistent myths

A bogus belief can linger like a bad smell. And there are tons of them, so it’s easy to get the impression that you shouldn’t be doing anything physical while you’re on your period. But playing your favorite sports while you menstruate is totally possible, and it’ll even help alleviate some of your symptoms.

Can you exercise during your period?

Menstruation is often seen as anathema to playing sports. It’s true that when you’re crampy and bleeding, it’s often hard to find the energy to move around.

But sports and menstruation are actually a super-duper duo! Physical activity comes with a whole lot of benefits, including pain relief, which isn’t something you want to deny yourself when you’re on your period. And moving while you menstruate isn’t dangerous, at least not if you listen to your body and respect its limits just like you would at any other time.

Does playing sports trigger your period?

Well, if playing sports doesn’t exactly trigger your period, it can have some effects on your menstrual cycle. Links have been made between playing sports and irregular menstruation among high-performing athletes because they’re more likely to have amenorrhea than other people.

Can you swim while you’re on your period?

One of the enduring myths around sports and menstruation is that you can’t swim while you’re on your period. That’s bogus! With the right protection, there’s zero risk of leakage. Plus, the gentle massage you get from the water really helps with cramps and bloating.

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The effects of playing sports on your period: Recognized benefits

It’s important to debunk myths about playing sports while you’re on your period. After all, physical activity is good for you, even when you’re menstruating. A lot of studies have found that playing sports can relieve menstrual pain and bloating.

Of all the benefits you can get from playing sports on your period, the most noteworthy are:

  • Physical activity has positive impacts on your mental health.
  • Playing sports can help you beat back a bad mood, manage the blues, and conquer irritability – all of which will help you put a smile back on your face. There’s no reason not to get out there!

Sports and menstruation: Choosing your activity and the protection it calls for If you want to play sports even when your period is really painful, it might be best to choose an activity that suits your capacity. When you’re in pain or feeling really tired, it’s probably better to do something either low impact or endurance based. Walking, swimming, stretching, and yoga are all great choices.

When it comes to protection while you’re playing sports, a menstrual cup or pair of period panties makes the most sense. Because your flow can be heavier when you’re playing sports, those types of protection offer ideal no-leak protection, even when you’re really straining yourself.

Are sports and menstruation compatible? The answer’s yes. But at the same time, it’s totally okay to just stay in bed and rest. Still, it’s worth noting that just 30 minutes of physical activity is enough to relieve period pain. Same goes for premenstrual syndrome.