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A Complete Guide to Choosing Postpartum Panties | Mme L'Ovary

A Complete Guide to Choosing Postpartum Panties

In our last article, we talked about the essentials of the 4th trimester and its symptoms... and we shared with you our little postpartum self-care list to help you prepare for this period without forgetting yourself.

In this article, we'd like to talk about postpartum panties, those essential allies for lochia (vaginal bleeding and discharge after childbirth) and bladder weakness.

As mentioned in recent emails, the most misunderstood ally of a happy 4th trimester is comfortable, effective, absorbent postpartum underwear. Today, we're talking about the criteria for choosing postpartum panties, according to your particular needs and preferences.

Disposable postpartum panties

Of course, these solutions are disposable. They therefore pollute a lot and represent a net expense for a single use (in addition to leaving you with unused ones you'll probably never use).

But if it's the only option you have on hand, it's an effective solution!

However, postpartum disposable pads and panties that are not certified organic are overwhelmingly treated with chemical bleaching, waterproofing, binding and anti-odour agents, and more. Not ideal when put directly against the raw mucous membranes of the vulva.

Disposable postpartum panties.

Post-delivery disposable panties on the market are generally made of a soft plastic that resembles a honeycomb-style fabric, with little breathability, but great stretch.

Although effective, they offer limited choice in cut and style, and feature a thick, chemically-treated "towel" section built into the panty.

Incontinence briefs sometimes sold as disposable postpartum briefs can cause leaks.

As the consistency of urine and blood is not the same, specialized incontinence products don't always do the job of absorbing vaginal bleeding and discharge, especially in large quantities.

Postpartum panties (the hospital kind)

If you're giving birth in a hospital or birthing center, you'll be provided with a mesh undergarment (postpartum mesh panties) to wear after delivery. It has the cut of long boxer shorts and does a good job of holding the disposable towels with which it is to be worn securely in place.

However, these towels (once again chemically treated) are often very thick and can prove uncomfortable.

What's more, the mesh pattern imprints itself on the skin, and wearing these postnatal panties under clothes is really not ideal: they’re clingy and disintegrate quickly.

Hospital disposable mesh postpartum panties.

Washable postpartum panties

Post-delivery underwear that can be combined with a disposable pad

They're usually like regular underwear or seamless boxer briefs for maximum coverage, plus they’re more comfortable and more effective at keeping the disposable towel in place.

Once again, the same problem occurs... They have to be combined with a polluting, toxic solution, held in place by a sticky tape of relative reliability.

However, they can also be combined with a washable postpartum pad!

Wider and longer than menstrual pads, you'll need to store around to find an untreated product.

Beware of snaps! Like washable menstrual pads, these are fastened with a snap under the panties - so they can't be worn with boxer shorts, and there's always the risk of leakage and discomfort if the pad wanders around during the day.

Because of its tendency to rub, we advise against this type of protection if you've had a natural birth and your vulva is sensitive or injured.

High-waist, washable postpartum panties.

Postpartum panties with integrated protection

Briefs with integrated pads (often postpartum menstrual briefs) are very effective and comfortable.

Their only disadvantage is that you'll have to change your panties every time you want to get back to dryness. Imagine during heavy lochies...

Please beware, some companies unfortunately treat their knickers with PFAS (waterproofing agents) and colloidal silver (an antibacterial agent), which are toxic for the body.

To find out more, take a look at this article on PFAS.

However, most postpartum menstrual panties that offer a maxi absorption option do the job very well, since they are expressly designed to absorb bleeding!

You can also use them for your period afterwards, so it's not a wasted expense, but an investment!

Postpartum panties with removable pads

Which brings us to removable pad panties. Or should I say THE removable pad panty.

Mme L'Ovary is the first company to offer postpartum cotton panties with inside pockets (no snaps or sticky wings) and removable pads, maxi or regular.

A healthy, comfortable and practical all-in-one postpartum cotton panty to suit you.
- It comes in several styles (high-waisted for C-section scars, boxer-style for absolute comfort, and much more).
- Its washable pads can be changed without removing the panties, and stay in place without sticky wings or snaps, thanks to Mme L'Ovary’s pocket system.
- It comes with washable maxi pads for heavy bleeding, but you can replace them with regular pads later.
- It's designed in Québec with healthy materials (we also offer organic pads) and is PFAS-free (tested in an independent lab to prove it).
- You can use them as menstrual panties once you've finished menstruating.
- It's black (no stains guaranteed, no matter what happens) (however please note that a decoloration can happen, depending on the acidity level of your vaginal flora).

Postpartum shaping briefs (or compression briefs)

Post-delivery compression garments and sheath briefs are fitted and specially designed to provide a level of pressure that is medically beneficial to the body.

While it may be tempting to opt for underwear with extra support (after all, the stomach can feel quite loose after childbirth as your uterus contracts), underwear that's too tight can actually hinder the healing process.

If you have any questions, talk to your doctor about whether postpartum panties might be right for you.

Postpartum panty styles and cuts

Some panty styles are more recommended than others in postpartum mode. In fact, because of C-section scars and our need for greater comfort after giving birth, thongs or bikini cuts are rarely found in the postpartum products offered on the market.

If that's your preference, know that the bikini model is still offered in the Postpartum Kit, which also comes with several Mme L'Ovary panties and maxi pads. :)

Postpartum high-waisted panties

With a belt that rides up over a healing C-section incision, these are often the favorites of moms who've given birth by C-section.

The Highty is a good example of this cut.

Classic cut panties

With a higher waistband, a better bum coverage and a wider crotch area than bikini-style underwear, these undergarments better accommodate sore genitals and the particularly natural need for support after childbirth.

The Shorty is a good example of this cut.

Boxer briefs

These undergarments are shaped like boxer shorts but stretch like panties. They usually have a higher waistband that doesn't irritate incisions, and stay in place well under any garment. Many make them a favorite on slow days, in pajama mode.

The Boxy is a good example of this cut.


Made in one piece, seamless underwear can be less irritating if you have a painful or swollen vaginal or perineal area after childbirth, or if you’ve had incisions.

Mme L'Ovary offers all the styles recommended in the Postpartum Kit, except the seamless version. It's up to you to decide what's best for your situation and preferences. :)

A kit of washable panties designed for the postpartum period.

Mme L'Ovary postpartum panty kit (and an exclusive discount just for you)

Mme L'Ovary's profound mission is to reconnect women to their bodies, their cycles and their feminine superpowers, in order to radiate more of these essential qualities into the world. It's hard to do all that when you're experiencing pain and discomfort, or when the products you're offered are ruining your health!

Faced with so many imperfect choices (pads that move, panties that mark the skin, toxic chemical compounds, etc.), we had to act.

That's why Mme L'Ovary offers the Postpartum Kit.

A set containing :

- Your choice of daytime panties (Bikini, Shorty, Boxy or Highty) with built-in lightweight leak-proof protection (equivalent to a pantiliner if worn alone),
- 3 regular removable maxi pads for heavy flow (for the first days of lochia),
- 3 regular removable pads (for moderate bleeding and to reuse for periods later!),
- The Nighty nightwear with its integrated extra-large maxi pad,
- 2 two-compartment carry pouches made of water-repellent fabric to transport your used pads and spare pads apart.

Removable pads stay in place without snaps, wings or Velcro that irritate or degrade over time.

You can choose the cut that best suits your style and comfort, and the knickers are PFAS-free and made from healthy or organic materials.

Take advantage of an additional 10% discount on the Postpartum Kit with the code POSTLOVE10.

You can apply this discount code to all other kits and panties (except the Custom Kit and the promo Create Your Own) if you prefer a kit with more panties or want to try a different model.