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Guide to Women’s Reusable Pads

washable sanitary pad

Practical and discreet sanitary protection as we know it today hasn’t existed for very long. However, the modern products sold on the market have the downside of being restrictive and unhealthy, for both the planet and your body!

The good news is that we are now fortunate to have an alternative to synthetic disposable products: the washable pad!

If you’ve had it with the irritations and endless plastic waste caused by conventional menstrual products, don’t worry! No need to feel bloody ups and downs anymore! Good for your health, your wallet, and the planet, washable pads are taking over, restoring comfort and well-being during this oh-so-important period of your cycle!

But what makes these pads so practical?


Comfortable and discreet, washable pads accompany you everywhere without leaving a trace. Ultra-absorbent, they replace tampons and disposable pads without overflowing. Made of cotton, their effectiveness is ensured by the absorbent layers that make them as safe as a disposable sanitary pads.

If you feel bothered by sometimes-unpleasant odours during your period, the reusable pad can greatly improve the situation! It isn’t the blood itself that is responsible for these strong odours, but the reaction between it and the chemicals and plastic contained in traditional protection. With natural fibers like cotton, there are no more prejudices toward menstrual blood, which is seen as dirty and shameful!

washable sanitary pad


Easy to use, the reusable pads are also easy to maintain. They only require one additional cleaning step compared to your normal panties to avoid winding up adrift in our oceans, unlike their disposable colleagues.

Rinse the pads in cold water to extract the blood from the fabric before washing them by hand or in the machine at a low temperature to take care of them and so that you can use them for as long as possible.


On average, a woman will experience more than 500 cycles (13 per year for 40 years) of about 5 days each over the course of her life, and she will use 12 to 15,000 disposable tampons or pads, which will generate 1.5 tonnes of waste Elise Thiébaut,(Ceci est mon sang). These sanitary items are full of plastics that pollute the planet – let’s not forget that a tampon contains an absorbent plastic film + a plastic string + is packaged + encapsulated in plastic! For its part, a disposable pad worn for a few hours will take 450 years to degrade in nature.

So, it’s high time to adopt a zero-waste menstrual solution. Put some green in your panties with washable pads and join the #SangDéchet movement!

Comfort regained

The adverse effects of traditional hygiene products on our bodies and the increasing discomfort that we experience due to tampons—burning, irritation, pains of all sorts—are causing many of us to turn to alternatives to disposable products.

Studies on the dangers of conventional protection abound. A study was conducted in 2016 by Bernard Tailliez, head of the Analytika investigative laboratory, which highlighted the presence of 20 to 30 organic contaminants in tampons from major brands, including endocrine disruptors.

We talk about this in greater detail in our article “ Is the tampon dangerous? ”

Do you want to avoid using conventional products, which itch or bother you? The washable pad is made for you, with respect for your health and your body!

A financially attractive formula!

Reusable pads will pamper your body and your wallet!

In Canada, a woman spends an average of $56.40 per year on menstrual products—that is, more than $2,250 over the course of her life. Based on an average purchase of 8 to 9 kits over 40 years, Mme L’Ovary’s basic reusable period panties kit,for its part, will cost just $1,430. In addition, it’s risk-free for your health, and it has a much lower impact on the environment. So, go for it!


With Mme L’Ovary panties, we seek to offer a new way of dealing with your cycle: coupled with our period panties, the washable pad becomes even more practical!

The upside of Mme L’Ovary panties

  • Better than regular period panties,you only have to put our panties on once a day: thanks to their system of removable washable pads, you no longer need to get undressed to replace them.
  • Better than simple reusable pads: equipped with built-in protection, which is equivalent to a panty liner, our panties are even more comfortable and absorbent, and they also stay in place!


With our period panties,you no longer need to keep your old, stained, stretched-out panties with the holes in them that you wear for fear of a little overflow—the famous granny panty you're hiding!

With Mme L’Ovary, you’re finally entitled to an elegant period!

Let’s speak without shame!

So, ladies, if the washable pad has changed your life as well, spread the word around you, and take care of the planet and your friends.

Let’s break the silence and embarrassment that surrounds menstruation: let’s respect and celebrate this natural function and this sign that we are the carriers of new life! Finally, experience your period in total comfort and elegance!