Culotte menstruelle sur femme

Where to buy period underwear in a store?

3 women who found Mme L'Ovary's menstrual undies in a store

Want to find out which nearby stores sell menstrual undies? Mme L’Ovary has several distributors across Canada, where you can buy our period underwear in a store near you.

Learn all about Mme L’Ovary’s period panties and washable pads. Find out why we offer a unique and revolutionary product that improves the comfort and well-being of menstruating people during their entire cycle.

Mme L’Ovary: Different types of menstrual panties

Mme L’Ovary offers washable, comfortable, environmentally friendly menstrual undies and removable pads adapted to the unique needs of people who menstruate. That means we offer a wide variety of undies with different levels of absorbency for regular, medium, or heavy period flows.

We’re committed to the well-being and comfort of menstruating people. Our menstrual panties are ideal for all menstruating people and at all stages of life, from adolescence to adulthood. Designed with quality fabric, our washable underwear and pads last for a long, long time, trying them is loving them!

Mme L’Ovary also offers a special detergent for menstrual undies to keep them in good condition for even longer. Basically, what we’re offering is a solution for economical and ecological menstruation.

The 7 advantages of Mme L’Ovary period underwear

  1. You can easily find our menstrual underwear in stores thanks to our huge distribution network;
  2. No need to change your menstrual undies throughout the day! Yep, Mme L’Ovary’s removable pads will simplify your life and keep you comfortable all day long;
  3. You’ll enjoy a significant reduction in your environmental footprint by using fewer single-use products;
  4. We guarantee discretion when you leave the house thanks to our leakproof carrying bag with two compartments, one for clean pads and the other for used;
  5. We have styles of menstrual undies designed specifically for nighttime, and we have washable pads for more abundant flows;
  6. We also sell a lot of period kits and washable pads to meet the unique needs of every menstruating person;
  7. Our products are easy to care for and last a long, long time.

Find out now which stores near you carry Mme L’Ovary menstrual undies

Which stores sell period underwear?

It’s with pride that we’re presenting our long list of partners and distributors. Mme L’Ovary’s menstrual undies are distributed throughout Quebec and even the rest of Canada.

Are you interested in the location of our shops to buy menstrual panties? Whether you’re in Montreal, Quebec City, or the region, our many points of sale allow you to easily find our menstrual products at a store near you.

But if you really can’t find a pair, we also offer delivery anywhere in Canada, the United States, and even Europe! You’ll even get free shipping for online purchases over $125 in Canada and the United States and over €90 in Europe.

Regain your freedom of movement and control over your body by connecting to your cycle. Don’t hesitate to contact Team L’Ovary if you need help finding the perfect kit. We’re proud to help menstruating people find a healthy, green, and more comfortable period underwear so they can better manage their menstrual cycle.