Être la créatrice de sa vie : quelques clés pour être plus en présence   

Create your life for yourself: Some tips for being more in the present

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With everything happening all around us – in the news, on social media (no need to say more!) – it can seem difficult to turn your attention inward and listen to what’s really going on. Jennifer Ackad and Ramya Memmi left their former lives as engineers to follow the call of their inner voices and offer themselves a more marginal and aligned life. 

Navigating life’s great transitions

Life is marked by big stages: job changes, moves, new curricula, new chapters. Sometimes, one of those stages is an inevitable leap into the void. You know, the kind of calling that whispers so loudly you can’t help but hear it and take it to heart?

Choosing to listen to our inner voice in these moments can be scary because it’s usually taking us beyond our comfort zone. Often, the choice isn’t to do something or not. It’s rather to approach a transition in harmony with whatever movement is already there or else to go reluctantly.

Some tips for smooth sailing

  • Accept that things won’t be the same: In other words, honour the step between the caterpillar and the butterfly. There’s always a moment of transition when you’re in between what’s finished and what’s about to begin. This is where it’s important to accept change and embrace the unknown.
  • View transition as rebirth: All our cells are restructured in a new way because we’re becoming someone else. This process can take time. There’s an imminent death, a death of personality.
  • Trust: There’s always a feverishness that comes before jumping. The trick is honouring that fear without judging it, knowing that it’s part of the process.
  • Always self-develop: It’s normal to feel like we don’t know who we are, that we’re losing our internal bearings. Refresh your inner screen to be present and attentive, and listen to what’s there now.

In the great transitions of our lives, we become a bit like an inner tracker. We look for the trail of ourselves in this new direction.” – Ramya

Listening to our little inner voice: How do we do that?

To listen to our little voice (also called “intuition”), we must first get to know ourselves. The answers inside are whispered differently for each person. But one thing’s certain: we encourage you to create a supportive environment to listen to your own answers in an authentic way. Here are some ideas:

  • Invite new things into your daily life: A mechanical routine can blur our inner map. Changing our habits allows us to create new connections in our brain, to have new ideas.
  • Treat yourself to a moment of meditation
  • Connect with nature: Take a forest bath, sniff a flower on the sidewalk, watch autumn leaves fall from the trees. The voice of nature is a reflection of our own little voice.
  • Prioritize places where the collective mind isn’t too active: For example, in the morning, very early before the world wakes up, there’s less congestion in the mind, less information in the air.
  • Make art: Dance, paint, play music, write. All art forms are good for giving space to what wants to emerge!

Nature relaxation

Access the wisdom of the womb

The first time I heard about the possibility of “entering the sacred codes of the womb,” I thought it sounded so poetic, and I wanted to try! But how do we do that?

Connecting to your uterus can be as simple as putting your hands on your belly when you go to bed at night. It can also be breathing consciously into the lower abdomen. Basically, anything that allows you to offer a sacred space of presence around this energy centre of creation.

Hidden gifts

  • Accessing our creative power: When we dive into our womb (funny picture, haha!), our survival mechanisms soften and give way to our natural function, our mechanism of creation. Have fun!
  • Feel inner security: The uterine zone is a space where you can constantly settle and recharge your batteries. There’s literally a battery column there, a big energy vortex.
  • Connect to a source of love, a very deep source of infinity: It may sound esoteric, but you have to live it to understand it! Word from Mme L’Ovary!
  • Connecting to our intrinsic value: When you settle into your pelvic floor, a storm of questions overtakes you: Do I have value? Am I where I should be? Am I safe if I’m myself? We create roots, and our nervous system also grows grounds itself.. Everything unamplifies, and we feel fully in our power. .

Menopause: The uterus that speaks to us in a new way

What happens when our uterus is undergoing a major renovation?

While everything changes – hormones, moods, lifestyle – perimenopause is a fascinating phase during which you can learn to listen to yourself more.

Ramya told us about the gifts she found in an often-recurring symptom experienced by perimenopausal people: insomnia! At first glance, waking up at 3 am and having your eyes wide open until 5 am does not look like a gift, I agree!

At one point, Ramya accepted that she was simply synchronized to a new sleep cycle. She began to appreciate these precious hours of deep solitude. Every night, she lay in bed simply listening – listening to the movements of her thoughts, her intuition. Every night, she had the opportunity to enjoy two hours of total privacy, presence, and silence. In short, this transition period can be seen as a school for approaching things completely differently.

Then, the infamous menopause arrives! Once the hormonal cycle stops, it can be a beautiful moment to reclaim all the energy of the uterus, which is now much more in constancy and presence.

Psssst! To all menopausal people, we see you! ♡ A little tip: See menopause with a benevolent empathy sprinkled with a little humour. After all, this is an inner adventure!

Here’s an example of a mindset you can adopt in the morning: “Well, what did my body prepare for me today?” 😉

To be and not to do

There’s a balance to be struck between being and doing, between our sacred feminine and our sacred masculine. It’s a perpetual dance. Because we live in a society often focused on performance and doing, here are some tips for simply being.

  • Come back to yourself as often as you can in your daily life: As you read this article, are you fully present, fully focused?
  • Let emerge from within what wants to emerge,instead of trying too hard to find answers.
  • Listen to the desires of your heart: Do you really want to do the things you do, or do you do them out of habit/conditioning?
  • Remember that life’s a game. On which playground does your essence want to incarnate to experience its full potential?
  • As within so without“: A motto to keep in mind. It could be translated as: “What we cultivate inside, life reflects back.”
  • Being in the moment in every little gesture: Whether you’re eating ice cream or doing the dishes, take the time to realize you’re just doing it. There’s something very simple about the the idea of being. It’s in the little things!
  • Try doing nothing: Not only physically, but also inside. Are you able not to engage with your mind, your thoughts, your fears? Let a feeling of total laziness settle inside, and just let yourself be there. Think of this is an exercise in ultimate laziness!


It’s our wish that you learn to be anchored in this state of being so you can create your life for yourself.

To find sovereignty, autonomy, and freedom to create your own game board.

To have fun and detach yourself from the structures, the boxes in which you grew up.

To have the ability to take a step back to choose the boxes you want to play in, from a conscious space. ♡

Ramya Memmi


From India to Africa, Israel to South America, Ramya has travelled as much on the roads of the world as in her own interior. For more than 20 years, she’s been leading workshops and retreats around themes like death, meditation, zen, and altered states of consciousness. Her workshops are invitations to come back to yourself, to remember who you really are, and to feel your soul.

Jennifer Ackad

Jennifer Ackad

A coach in embodiment and transformation, Jennifer left a career in mechanical engineering in 2010 to follow the call of her soul and live a tailor-made life. Since then, she has helped women create space in their bodies and lives in order to awaken the wisdom, truth, and innate power they hold within.

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