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The Jade Egg: between Ecstasy and Tonus.

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Well, what is the Jade egg? Mme L'Ovary went to question an expert in the field to find out a little more!

Special guest: Marie-Ève BLAIS, Sex, Love and Relationship Coach specialist in the Jade egg and passionate about the sacred feminine.

For her, every life experience is a pretext to reconnect with our bodies and to become aware of the importance of our mind-body connection. Therefore, she dedicates her life to enabling humans (especially women) to cultivate a harmonious relationship with their sexuality and their bodies. She studied with Layla Martin and completed her Coaching Vita program in 2020 (Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach).

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Where does the practice of Jade egg come from?

From ancient China several thousand years ago; women used the egg to develop their creativity and vitality.

How is it practiced?

It's like yoga for the vagina. We insert the egg and make gentle movements (see replay for the demonstration!). It's like meeting our body and the full potential of feeling the vagina. The weight of the egg calls for the involvement of the pelvic floor to release tension and tone as needed.

What are the benefits?

The egg gives an internal massage to our organs to release traumas, difficult situations, dislodge blockages, reset our sexuality, release tensions in our pelvis, rebalance the PH and balance the flow and regularity of menstruation.

Is it for all ages?

From puberty onwards. It's perfect for young teens who are discovering their bodies. It allows us to tone, to find our sensuality and our sensitivity after childbirth. Then, at menopause, it's great for facilitating changes, preventing organ descent, vaginal dryness, and keeping the sexual flame active.

Are there any contraindications for menstruation?

During menstruation, our body wants to relax and not retain - so it is advisable not to carry the egg during menstruation.

Should it be lubricated before insertion?

No need to lubricate, but it is advisable to do "foreplay" for example with a vaginal massage with natural oils.

Egg choice?

Suggestion: a low porous egg (no scratches or cracks to help disinfection) with a hole if you want to pass a string to facilitate removal. Ideal size: medium.

Jade egg VS obsidian egg?

The obsidian egg refers to the unconscious, dreams, absorbs negative energies.

The Jade egg refers to vitality, harmonization, fills us with energy. It is usually milder than obsidian.

How do we remove it?

You can use a string, but eventually we develop the muscles that allow the egg to exit voluntarily.

For more information about this practice or to purchase a Jade egg, you can contact Marie-Ève.


If you want to see the recording of our online Red Table event, it's here (and free)! In French only.