Menstrual daytime panties

♡ Good news! Our products are zero-rated in Quebec and Canada thanks to the menstrual products law.


    With Mme L’Ovary washable menstrual panties, you can be kind to the environment while wearing comfy, practical undies. You’ll be amazed at what your L’Ovary can do!

    You can wear our multipurpose daytime models for sports games, nights in town or your regular everyday activities. Each daytime period panty pack comes with:

    • 1 cotton (96%) and lycra (6%) undie with integrated protection for light flow (the equivalent of one panty-liner);
    • 3 removable pads made of absorbent leak-proof fabric (each reusable pad is equal to one regular sanitary pad or one tampon);
    • 1 carrying bag made of leak-proof fabric with 2 compartments (one for clean pads, another for used pads).

    So easy to use and clean

    Each Mme L’ovary daytime menstrual panty comes with 3 removable pads, which integrate seamlessly thanks to 2 little pockets in the front and back. Throughout the day, if your flow becomes heavier, you can replace the pads as needed to stay nice and dry. Together, our period undies and removable pads offer protection suited for light, moderate, and heavy days. The small carrying bag, which is made of leak-proof fabric, has 2 separate compartments, so you can take your clean and used pads with you on the go.

    Online ordering, free delivery!

    We suggest having at least 2 different daytime models in your underwear drawer: choose between the Shorty, Bikini, Highty, Boxy, or Lacy. That way, you can discover 2 different period panty styles, and have at least one pair to use while the other one is in the wash.

    We also recommend our Basic kit (the most popular option!), which includes 2 daytime period panty packs + 1 overnight panty.

    In addition, delivery is free with purchases of $125 or more!