Pot de lessive pour sous-vêtements.

Detergent for menstrual underwear

The best way to wash menstrual undies and pads!

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Mme L’Ovary has partnered with Earth Love, a Canadian artisan known for its 100% ecological approach to the creation of capsule detergents.

Pictogramme goutte de sang.
Pictogramme de feuilles
PIctogramme flêche.
Pictogramme feuille d'Erable.
Femme qui plie ses sous-vêtements après avoir utilisé la lessive pour sous-vêtements.

Made for menstrual panties

  • Dissolves in water and dislodges blood.
  • Extends the life of menstrual undies and pads.
  • 100% biodegradable, 100% effective.
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Groupe de femmes allongées en sous-vêtements menstruels.

For all types of reusable menstrual protection

Whatever the brand! This detergent gives your reusable protection a luxury treatment to last!

We want to encourage all menstruating people to take care of their undies.

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Cofondatrices de Mme L'Ovary, entreprise qui vend de la lessive pour sous-vêtements.

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We're known for designing the first menstrual panties with removable pads, as well as for our strong educational mission towards women and their health. We offer a variety of eco-friendly products that enable women to experience menstruation in a healthy and positive way.

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