Savon intime pour laver son vagin.
Viva la vulvolution

The orgasmic soap

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In collaboration with Les Diligences, Mme L'Ovary celebrates how far we've come by launching an "orgasmic" intimate soap shaped like a vulva.

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Promoting self-acceptance

As a sign of love for our own bodies, we offer a gentle soap adapted to the delicacy of the vulva.

Pictogramme vagin.

Breaking a taboo

To positively change the way we look at the word "vulva" which, for some people, is still taboo.

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Claiming the right to love our body

To make a gesture for all those who have gone before us, who have not been able to love, understand, honour and celebrate their bodies.

Savon intime sur portant en bois pour savoir comment laver son vagin.

No fragrance, no essential oils, no colorants


Since vaginal flora is delicate and requires care and balance, the ingredients chosen for the soap are as natural, simple and gentle as possible. They contain no fragrances, essential oils or colorants.

Check out the Orgasmic soap
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Fragrance-free, colorant-free

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Essential oil-free

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Handmade in Québec

Savon intime avec boite
Savon intime sur porte savon
Savon intime tenu dans des mains
Ingrédients des savons intimes
Savon intime posé sur un lit
Savon intime sur coupelle en bois
Savon intime a coté d'un chaton

Intimate Orgasmic Soap

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Soft and neutral, designed for intimate hygiene

This 100% natural soap bar does not contain essential oil and is designed to gently cleanse the most sensitive parts of our body.

Handmade in Quebec in collaboration with La Savonnerie des Diligences

Advocate self-acceptance, break taboos and claim the right to love yourself: this soap is a manifesto and a reminder to celebrate our body. ♥️

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