Rebirthing with the Sun: A powerful tool for sovereignty, embodiment & new beginnings

Through the mesmerizing ebbing flow of life, we've come full circle again, the new year is here bringing back the promise of light. 

Living the longest nights of the year, which to me brings depth, hidden unconscious material & a powerful opportunity to face the unfaceable.

Honoring the inspiration and support that all lights, celebrations and connections offer us to pierce through and be able to be born anew.

This is for me one of the biggest gifts of living in a space where seasons can be felt and seen. For it allows us to come closer with impermanence and learn moment to moment to embrace the natural cycles of life, death and rebirth from a more authentic and nourishing place within ourselves. 

To live them from the inside Out. 

All the way.

Rebirthing with the sun

The longest nights of the year and their intrinsic relationship to our shadows

Being a womb carrier and allowing blood to flow through us, is keeping that underground river alive. Is cleaning, transforming and releasing that which no longer serves us in order to fully embody who we are Today. 

As we host the ancient chalice within our body temples we are hosting the great mystery. This space supports old forgotten memories, all potentiality, perceptions and aspects of ourselves that can remain hidden forever, if we don't Take the Time to go within and look at them directly in the eyes.

And so, Solstice Magic happens, to support our dive into ourselves and through that we get to transform that which no longer serves us. 

Not through an extraordinary act of *pif paf poof!!* "& there was light" but from a conscious journey to the underworld and back, with the most sincere courage. Allowing to create enough space to fleurish in healthier and more harmonious ways. 

For ourselves, our relationships and the world.

A sincere space that allows all parts of us to exist, for even though some are apparently nicer than others, they are there.

They breathe and live.

The confusion, the mourning, the release, the anger… 

There are so many emotions that can coexist within us.

And the real magic is to have the curiosity to explore how to build a nurturing ecosystem where it can all exist in harmony. 

For all parts are worthy of Presence.

Why presence & not attention?

When we are present to something or someone, we are able to hold space. Which means, to create a safe and healthy container that will encourage them to connect with that which is alive within themselves in that particular moment. 

Supporting honest conversation, release and existing in the most authentic ways possible in that particular space and time.

While we are ourselves, feeling grounded, empowered and centered. Which, in my personal experience, allows for deeper transformations, reformulations and explorations.

However, when we give our attention to something we might enter a spin of hurtful and consuming thoughts, emotions and dynamics. Which is not necessarily a "bad thing" , it just has different outcomes, as everything we do in life. 

For which I believe it is important to understand the impact of our choices in clearer light, so that we can choose how to move forward. And so, if we give our attention without presence and ground we might want to justify why we are doing or choosing a particular path, we might feel shame and try to hide it. 

Feel discomfort and try to paint it with a smile.

And so, we end up nourishing that particular dynamic making it harsher to address from time to time.

Until life, our hearts, our minds support those parts that are just Screaming to be seen. 

Creating all the most favorable conditions to face it.

Connecting with our Yin

The precious pearl of all of this is that, through our own cycles and seasons, and the holding space of our uterus, we carry the Yin in us even stronger. There is a cauldron in our being, which holds all darkness and possibilities… the creatrix energy of existence. 

We hold one of the most precious keys to open the vortex, that unites the darkness of the macrocosm with our own internal darkness, which holds the most powerful light of them all. 

That one that is immutable and unshakable.

That one that I wish with all my heart that we can all tap into, for our foundations will be able to remain in the midst of adversity. 

For, even though at times we would wish to just have a magic wand to make it all disappear… There is an incredible learning curve and growth that comes from standing tall and firm and saying yes to what is.

As the only way out is through. 

That is a big part of what the Yin is for me, that energy that lives in all of us. Cause we are not just half a thing, we are a whole. That cosmic marriage of parts that create our uniqueness. 

The all holding yin energy creates the space for it to exist, evolve and emerge.

And I trust 

I trust deep and wide, that each one of us (womb carrier or not!) has all we need to move through and birth anew. 

So, from my heart to yours, I wish we can all learn to reactivate these powerful portals. To tune in with the rhythms of nature, which are living within us. For each time we reconnect with what is, we step into our self power, love and truth.

And so, I invite you today to take a moment and reflect on…

♡ What is one thing you are deeply grateful for? ( for that will become your base )

♡ What parts of you are asking to be acknowledged? ( For that will foster presence )

♡ Are there any big or small fears that want to be comforted & taken care of? ( Holding that Yin alive )

♡ If that fear was to be a character, with its particular voice, forms & personality, how would it be? ( For it allows us to disidentify and move forth )

♡ What could have been its importance and place on your life growing up? ( For it allows us to forgive ) 

♡ How can you help this part grow and transform? ( For it gives us the courage to move forth )

☆☆ Choose two concrete ways you will move forth in that direction ☆☆ 

If there is something in you that emerges that you wish to share, don't hesitate to comment!

May you have a precious rebirth, Nourishing deep dives that encourage you to embrace all of who you are!

With loving light,

Juanita Ayacitlali

And don't forget what the Hermetics share: Every truth is half a truth. So, let's walk forth to embrace both sides!