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Mme L'Ovary's partners

Let us introduce you to some of our stellar partner companies – and some promo codes as a bonus! Long live community.

Les Belles Combines

A former teacher and organizational guru, Dominique will warm your heart and help you better organize your family life!

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It applies to everything but subscriptions.

Quebec breast cancer foundation

In March 2022, $1 per kit sold will be donated to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

Clef des champs

Based in Val-David, Clef des Champs cultivates fresh, powerful, and organic medicinal plants. We called on their expertise in herbalism to co-invent a herbal tea that alleviates menstrual pain. Cheers!

Savonnerie des diligences

Check out this intimate orgasmic soap we co-created with La Savonnerie des Diligences, our favourite brand of handmade soaps in Quebec. A soap that’s 100% natural so you can honour the beauty of your body!

Other local partners

We like to surround ourselves with companies or associations that have strong social and environmental missions and believe in the well-being of people and the planet.

Corporate partners

Our corporate partners have accompanied us at every stage of our development and supported us in our organic growth and ethical management.

Check out these goodies too:

Want to co-build together?

We’re always looking for meaningful partnerships or collaborations. For requests, ideas, and inspiration, contact us: