contraception naturelle : La symptothermie

Natural Contraception : Symptothermal Method

Natural Contraception Symptothermal

Symptothermal, a method to discover!

Looking for an alternative to hormonal contraceptives? Have you ever heard of the Symptothermal Method?

It is a natural method of contraception, simple, and recognized for its effectiveness. By the daily observation of certain indicators, the period of fertility is identified. However, the Symptothermal Method can serve as a guide to avoid unpleasant surprises, but also to plan for a pregnancy.

In this article, Nathalie Grégoire-Charette, Executive Director at Seréna Québec briefly explains the symptothermal method and its main advantages.

Seréna Quebec

Seréna Québec is the only organization specialized in natural fertility in Quebec. Recognized by the Minister of Health and Social Services of Québec, this non-profit organization works continuously with a team of medical consultants. Its main mission is to inform and support women to give them power back over their health and well-being.

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What is the Symptothermal Method?

Symptothermal is a method of natural family planning. This method of contraception consists of observing daily the 3 signs of fertility in women being:

  1. basal temperature: taken before sunrise each day
  2. cervical mucus: are vaginal secretions
  3. the position of the cervix: yes! It is possible to do a self-examination of the cervix

A graph showing this data allows us to identify the phases of the menstrual cycle; including periods of fertility. This method can therefore be used to avoid pregnancy, but also to predict it. There are multiple additional benefits using this method! In particular, the simple daily habit of observing every small change in the body allows us to have a better connection with ourselves.

The benefits of symptothermal

Becoming fully aware of the micro changes in our body can have more powerful beneficial effects than one may think. In addition to being a natural method of contraception, here are some benefits of symptothermal:

Basically, the close observation of the fluctuations of our body allows us to become aware of our biorhythm (biological rhythm) and to see, in our lifestyle habits, what supports or disturbs it to then make the necessary changes for our well-being.

Symptothermal, ally for our menstrual cycle

Here are a few reasons why this method is a good friend to our periods:

  • Better understanding of our natural cycle, predict ovulation and the onset of menstruation
  • Brings us back to mindful self-awareness and subtle changes in our body during our periods
  • Allows us to observe habits or behaviours that have direct impacts on our cycle (diet, sexuality, stress, sleep, etc.)
  • Increases our level of awareness and responsibility for our menstruation
  • Regain power over our health and act positively during our periods

Who is the symptothermal method for?

This method is valuable for those who wish to stop hormonal contraceptives but don't know effective alternatives. It will appeal to those who aspire to develop their consciousness on a daily basis and to connect more with their bodies to improve their quality of life. You will like symptothermal if you want to use a healthy, economical and eco-friendly method that advocates the balanced sharing of contraception (in a relationship) or in pursuit of pregnancy.


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In conclusion

Finally, whether it is to replace the pill or IUD, to predict your pregnancy or simply to know your body better, the symptothermal method is for you! It acts a bit like a barometer of your health, but also as a new tool for consciousness in your daily life.

Of course, more in-depth knowledge is needed to apply the method effectively, to analyze the graphs and to know more about reading the different fluctuations. If you don't know where to start, the organization Serena Québec offers workshops and personalized support to allow you to embark on the adventure with confidence.

Some resources

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