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Sacred Feminine and Modern-Day Witch

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The power of the sacred feminine: how to become a modern-day witch.

When we think of the Sacred Feminine, we think of Instagram images and we imagine women wearing colourful skirts, dancing to the moon and putting quartz everywhere.

While all of this can be part of it, there's no style of dress to adopt or radical habits to connect you to your feminine side. This transformative initiatory journey begins with courage, vulnerability and a sincere desire to find oneself with all that it implies.

In this article, Laurence Sala, Naturopath and speaker, gives us some clues for those who are curious and would like to explore their Sacred Feminine, but who are not sure where to begin.

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What does the Sacred Feminine mean?

One could say that the quest for the Sacred Feminine is the return to oneself. It is the courage to look inwards and look our shadows in the face to regain our full human potential. It is also to regain our freedom and lightness, enjoy life and create a new sisterhood to help each other among women.

Since the dawn of time, women were initiated among themselves. Previous generations guided the youngest through various teachings and rites of passage to become women. Simone de Beauvoir said so well, "One is not born a woman, one becomes one."

Today, we have lost this ancestral wisdom and we often walk alone on the great path of life, sometimes without knowing the deep flowing currents or our intrinsic functioning. The Movement of the Sacred Feminine present for some years in the Western world comes from a sacred impulse to find the wisdom of those who walked before us, of our ancestors to return to the power of our femininity.

Tips to connect to your Sacred Feminine:

  • Reconnecting with the power of our intuition
  • Relearn how to listen to our bodies
  • Synchronizing with the cycles of nature
  • Fully embrace our role as life carriers
  • Utilize our creativity
  • Going from DOING to BEING
  • Begin the process of shadow work, that is to say, look inwards and face the shadows of the past and the generations before us to heal and soothe the blockages in order to release our lineage.

Ask yourself the question! What area of my life do I allow my feminine side to come out?

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Reconnecting to our Sacred Feminine: 6 concrete tools to get there

Here are some ideas for concrete actions to put in place to begin or continue your quest towards your Sacred Feminine. These ideas are suggestions; feel free to adapt them to your own reality, to add or subtract from them as needed. Never forget that this path is yours!

1. Connecting to the cycles of nature

First, we can realize that we are part of the cyclical nature and that our body is influenced by it. The lunar cycle and changes in seasons, for example, have impacts on our bodies as well as our psyches. Noting the changes that are happening can greatly help us reconnect with our own feminine nature.

Secondly, our menstrual cycle is intimately linked with the lunar cycle, so it's a great idea to keep a Menstruation Journal in which we take note of our feelings throughout our cycle (body, mind, emotions, creativity, etc.). There are Lunar mandalas that offer a basic canvas to make our job easier.

2. Wear a moon belt

This belt worn around our pelvis, at the level of the navel, during menstruation allows us to remain anchored and protect our center during this more fragile period of our cycle.

It can help us create warmth, support and feel closer to our period. If you don't have a moon belt, a simple rebozo scarf or shawl can do the trick.

3. Carry an obsidian stone with you

This volcanic stone carries in it the vibrations of the center of the Earth. Energetically, it makes it possible to bring out the emotions buried in us, from our past or those of our ancestors to free ourselves from them. Wearing it as a necklace, bracelet, or as a lucky charm in our pocket is a great way to start personal work on our shadows and lighten the body and mind.

It is advisable to keep a logbook to note the effects of this stone on our body, emotions and psyche. Attention: obsidian is a very powerful stone. Find out in lithotherapy manuals or via reliable resources before using it long term or internally.

4. Adopt a menstrual ritual

A small simple gesture is to get into the habit of donating our blood to the earth. To do this, we collect blood from our washable cup or menstrual underwear (save the rinse water from a bowl). Then choose a place (your garden for example) and pour it directly onto the earth. To make it a symbolic ritual, one can include a song or an intention to heal.

Does this practice seem strange to you? Try it anyway and then you may see for yourself the beneficial effects. Your rational mind needs to be reassured? Our blood contains multiple nutrients that are ultra beneficial for plants!

5. Participate in a women's circle

Several initiatives have emerged recently to allow more women to connect with each other, to experience a kind of sorority of sharing amongst themselves. Whether you are new or more experienced on the path of the Sacred Feminine, the support and love provided by the circles of sharing between women can be truly transformative.

Do yourself a favour and find the Red Tents, sharing circles or women's circles near you. Don't be hindered by ones offered online. This can be a very good start!

6. Make a Yoni Steam

The Yoni Steam or vaginal steam bath is an ancestral practice that greatly deserves its re-popularization in the modern world. The yoni steam is simply the act of sitting naked above a pot of very hot water and selected medicinal herbs.

Not only does this practice offer several benefits to the vagina and vulva, this healing tool allows us energetically to connect to the wisdom of plants. It can also help connect us to our matrix as well as to our reproductive system. Again, check with a specialist before engaging in this practice.

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In conclusion

Finally, the Sacred Feminine is a return to our deepest nature, to our desires as women that we have left behind to conform to a model of masculinized society where the verb do takes a very large place.

With these few small habits to integrate slowly into our routine we give ourselves the opportunity to see the changes happen quickly in our life and to see emerge our ability to be simply and wildly a woman, to feel connected to oneself and to others and to be completely anchored in our full feminine power. Enjoy the discovery!

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