Culotte bikini rouge avec 1 sac de transport et 3 serviettes lavables
Culotte bikini rouge avec 1 sac de transport et 3 serviettes lavables
Duo souriant culotte bikini menstruelle.
Duo en culotte bikini, culotte menstruelle.
Culotte Bikini à plat 3 serviettes et 1 sac
Culotte bikini noir de dos

The Bikini: Period underwear + 3 removable pads

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Thanks to its hi-cut fit, the Bikini is one of our most popular style of period underwear!
The Bikini is worth at least 3 pairs of typical period underwear. Why? Because it includes: 1 pair of comfy, low-waist daytime undies + 3 removable pads + 1 leak-proof carrying bag

Includes: 1 culotte de jour taille basse confortable + 3 serviettes amovibles + 1 sac de transport anti-fluide

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Our menstrual undies are designed without chemicals or nanosilver particles to provide our community with healthy and natural products. Made of natural fibres, our absorbent cotton undies also have a waterproof layer. Which means our period undies respect both your mucosa and the environment!

What our undies are made of:

The underwear has a thin, protective anti-leak layer equivalent to a protector underneath. So on light flow days, you can wear it by itself. When combined with washable, removable pads, it's ideal for moderate to abundant flows, and it keeps you dry all day long.

  • 94% cotton and 6% lycra

What the thin protective layer is made of:

  • A thin layer of 100% cotton
  • Our layer of fleece cotton
  • A waterproof anti-leak layer (PUL)

What the three washable, removable pads are made of:

All our washable pads offer protection equivalent to a conventional menstrual pad. Because of our unique design, you can insert a pad in your undies, giving you optimal protection for moderate to abundant flows.

  • 1 thin layer of 100% cotton
  • 3 layers of cotton fleece
  • 1 anti-leak layer

What the anti-leak carrying bag is made of:

For your daily commute, our anti-leak carrying bag is just the thing. It'll give you peace of mind whether you're on your way to work or school! It has 2 compartments: one for your clean pads and another for your used. Say goodbye to plastic bags!

Pssst... Plus, you don't get the crinkley sound you do with disposable pads, so no need to play ninja when you have to change one in a public bathroom!

  • 100% anti-leak polyester
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1 underwear, 3 removable pads

The unique concept of Mme L'Ovary menstrual underwear.

No need to change the entire panty to feel dry all day!

Femme qui étend ses culottes menstruelles pour les laver .
Femme qui fait sécher ses culottes menstruelles.

The Bikini: Period underwear with perfect anti-leak protection

Want to stay dry all day long? Then The Bikini is the period underwear you need. There's nothing more annoying than having to change your underwear while you're at work. With The Bikini, you can change the removable pads and stay dry in the same undies all day long. For days when your flow is heavier, you can swap your removable pads with one of our maxis. And if you're using a menstrual cup, our period underwear make a perfect pairing. For after sundown, we've got styles that don't rely on removable pads so you can stay dry for the whole night. It's also worth noting that The Bikini can adapt to your flow, no matter how light or heavy.

The super-duper duo that adapts to your flow

If you combine our underwear with our removable pads, you can easily stay comfortable throughout your entire cycle. Our undies are designed so you can easily replace your pads whenever your flow calls for it. That means you can change them every 3 to 4 or 5 to 6 hours, depending on how heavy your flow is and how comfortable you're feeling. When your flow's light, you can wear The Bikini alone. When it's heavier, you can combine The Bikini with a menstrual cup. It's just as absorbent as a regular panty liner. Our reusable pads are just as absorbent as disposable pads or tampons. If you buy The Bikini, you get 3 removable pads with it. Now you can stay dry all day!

Practical and easy to use

It doesn't matter what you like to do every day, whether that's playing sports or something more relaxed – our undies offer reliable protection against leaks. Our pads can be inserted in the little pockets at the front and back of our undies, and they'll stay in place no matter how much you move. Plus, we don't use buttons or snaps, so you can be as comfy as possible.

Yep. We thought of everything when we designed The Bikini!

  • You don't have to take your undies off to replace your pad
  • Our anti-leak carrying bag has two compartments so you can store your used and clean pads in separate places.
  • Say goodbye to plastic bags!
  • And say goodbye to freaking out when you realize you've run out of tampons – our pads and undies are washable and reusable.