Deux coupes menstruelles posées sur un tissus.

The menstrual cup’s best friend

Many people who use menstrual cups also use Mme L’Ovary undies for extra protection.
Protects against leaks

If your cup leaks, Mme L’Ovary’s right there as an eco-friendly panty liner.

Our undies are made of different fabrics placed in a precise order and designed to offer maximum, leak-proof absorption. Among other things, they’re made of cotton fleece, absorbent fabrics, and PUL (also used to manufacture cloth diapers)!

Each of Mme L’Ovary’s removable pads has the same effectiveness as a disposable pad. Plus, they’re reusable!

More comfort

Menstrual cups are foreign objects inside our vaginas.
They create a bit of pressure in the lower abdomen and can amplify the intensity of cramps.
That’s why a lot of people who menstruate feel a sense of well-being when they let themselves flow naturally and without the uncomfortable obstruction of a foreign object.

You can use it as an additional tool...

Pictogramme  lune et nuage.

During the night

According to several gynecologists, you shouldn’t use a menstrual cup for more than 4 to 6 hours.

Having an overnight alternative is strongly recommended!

Pictogramme plume.

For light flow days

You don’t need to use a menstrual cup on light flow days.

You can count on our undies all by themselves when you don’t need a whole lot of protection.

Pictogramme flêches.

Avoid continuously using your cup

You don’t need to use a menstrual cup on light flow days. If you feel sensitive or have cramps, wait for the feeling to pass before inserting your cup. In the meantime, you can count on our underwear.

Femmes rient sur un ponton en portant des culottes périodiques, protection pour les règles.

Ecological, Comfortable, Healthy and Absorbent

Mme L'Ovary, THE winning solution to experience positive and zero-waste menstruation