Femme qui se cache derrière trois serviettes lavables.
Mme L'Ovary

Our undies are worth 4 washable pads

Mme L'Ovary offers an improved version of the cloth washable pads. Its invention combines the practicality of washable pads and the comfort of menstrual undies.

Safe and comfortable

Cloth sanitary pads are admirable eco-friendly alternatives, we admit it, but they tend to shift forward or backward, and nobody likes that. Plus, the snap fasteners that hold them in place can be pretty annoying, especially when you're cruising on your bike.

With Mme L'Ovary, you don't get shifty pads or uncomfortable buttons. Our removable pad doesn't drift, which is a yay! It stays nicely in place thanks to the insertion pouches we build into our undies.

Pictogramme de fleure.

A winning design

Mme L’Ovary's undies are made of different types of fabrics placed in a specific order and designed for maximal, leak-proof absorption.

They're made from cotton fleece, an leakproof fabric, and PUL (also used in washable cloth diapers).

Pictogramme d'une culotte périodique.

Practical and economical

Each Mme L'Ovary removable pad is just as efficient as a regular cloth pad.

Our daytime undies also have built-in protection that works as well as any washable panty liner. Pretty amazing, right?

If your removable pad becomes saturated and you don't have time to change it, the panty liner's there to absorb your overflow!

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An overnight alternative

Our nighttime panties are equipped with several layers of fabric that rise higher in the front and back. This ensures maximum absorption and protection against nighttime leaks often caused by the horizontal position of your body... and gravity!

Femmes rient sur un ponton en portant des culottes périodiques, protection pour les règles.

Ecological, Comfortable, Healthy and Absorbent

Mme L'Ovary is THE winning solution to experience positive and zero waste menstruation