Disposable tampons and pads
menstrual underwear

Mme L’Ovary’s absorbent and washable underwear have loads of advantages over conventional disposable protections. And we do mean loads!

Here's how Mme L'Ovary's menstrual underwear beats disposable menstrual products


Say goodbye to the mountains of waste generated each month by disposable pads and tampons.

Every year, 12 billion pads and 7 million tampons accumulate on land and in our oceans.


Say goodbye to endless monthly expenses.

The difference between Mme L’Ovary’s undies and disposable tampons and pads is that they’re washable, reusable, AND durable. You buy them once, and they’re good to go for years!

Less smell

Say goodbye to associating menstrual blood with smelly waste! Strong or unpleasant odours are actually produced when our blood comes into contact with the synthetic materials, like plastic, contained in pads and tampons.

When blood comes into contact with natural fibers, like the cotton we use in our undies, the smell is way milder and more neutral.


Say goodbye to all those toxic chemicals creeping throughout your body thanks to using disposable tampons and pads.


Say goodbye to unbreathable synthetic materials, not to mention those ugly little plastic wings that stick out of our undies!

Ecological, Comfortable, Healthy and Absorbent

Mme L'Ovary, THE winning solution to experience positive and zero waste menstruation