Femme de dos qui porte une culotte boxer.
Femme de dos qui porte une culotte boxer.
Femme qui fait de la gym en portant une culotte boxer.
Culotte boxer et sac de transport
Deux femme en culotte boxer
deux femmes de dos en culottes boxer
Boxy ✦ Period underwear 3-in-1

Boxy ✦ Period underwear 3-in-1

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Comfortable and secure, we love its sporty style with a longer cut on the thigh!
For people who like to be active, the Boxy covers the top of the legs. Comfortable and completely covering, we like its more sporty style!

Includes: 1 Boxy menstrual underwear + 3 removable pads + 1 anti-fluid transport bag.

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Our menstrual undies are designed without chemicals or nanosilver particles to provide our community with healthy and natural products. Made of natural fibres, our absorbent cotton undies also have a waterproof layer. Which means our period undies respect both your mucosa and the environment!

What our undies are made of:

The underwear has a thin, protective anti-leak layer equivalent to a protector underneath. So on light flow days, you can wear it by itself. When combined with washable, removable pads, it's ideal for moderate to abundant flows, and it keeps you dry all day long.

  • 94% cotton and 6% lycra

What the thin protective layer is made of:

  • A thin layer of 100% cotton
  • Our layer of fleece cotton
  • A waterproof anti-leak layer (PUL)

What the three washable, removable pads are made of:

All our washable pads offer protection equivalent to a conventional menstrual pad. Because of our unique design, you can insert a pad in your undies, giving you optimal protection for moderate to abundant flows.

  • 1 thin layer of 100% cotton
  • 3 layers of cotton fleece
  • 1 anti-leak layer

What the anti-leak carrying bag is made of:

For your daily commute, our anti-leak carrying bag is just the thing. It'll give you peace of mind whether you're on your way to work or school! It has 2 compartments: one for your clean pads and another for your used. Say goodbye to plastic bags!

Pssst... Plus, you don't get the crinkley sound you do with disposable pads, so no need to play ninja when you have to change one in a public bathroom!

  • 100% anti-leak polyester
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Complete safety: Optimal leakproof protection

Together, the panties and the pads ensure protection as much for moderate as for heavy flows.*

*We now have a removable maxi pad for the heavier flows ++.

The panty worn alone is like a pantyliner for light flow days


with the addition of removable, interchangeable pads on heavier flow days.

It is also an excellent option as a backup (or even replacement) to the menstrual cup for:

  • the beginning & end of the menstrual cycle, when the flow is light (and you don't want to wear the cup to collect the last few drops);
  • give your body a break from intrusive protection during the night.

Easily adapts to your flow

  • Easily replace the removable pads as needed, depending on the flow of the day, to stay comfortable and return home feeling dry.
  • Some people will change every 3 to 4 hours, others every 5 to 6 hours, depending on the desired level of comfort during the day.
  • In addition to the panties, which already have integrated protection equivalent to a pantyliner, each washable removable pad is equivalent to 1 disposable sanitary pad or 1 tampon.
  • Therefore, you have the freedom to change the removable pad up to 3 times a day.

It's simple & practical

Whatever your activities may be, these menstrual panties are designed to allow you to keep the same panties on all day long, while staying dry and protected against leaks!

How? Thanks to the removable pads that fit into the small front and back insert pockets which keep the washable pad securely in place, without fear of it moving, and without snaps (which are often awkward and uncomfortable between the legs).

We thought of everything

  • You don't even have to change your panties or take off your pants!
  • Removable pads are easily removed and stored in the leakproof carrier bag specially designed for storing pads when you are out of the house.
  • No need for a plastic bag!
  • The washing is simple and the pads can be reused each month, all without ever having to run to the pharmacy again!

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